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Meet Floppy Sprinkler

Floppy Sprinkler (Pty) Ltd is a limited liability company focusing on developing innovative cutting-edge sprinkler technologies for application in different industries globally. Floppy Sprinkler (Pty) Ltd has invented, developed, patented and validated a range of products that spans over many industries including Agriculture, Nurseries, Dust suppression, Mine-dump leaching, Landscaping, Golf course irrigation, Solar panel cleaning, Fire protection, and Domestic gardens.

Floppy Sprinkler (Pty) Ltd drives prosperity into the future by equipping the farming industry with a successful solid set system to manage current and future land- and water risks, boosting overall productivity.

The company follows an Exclusive Agency business model, establishing Distributors globally with a high focus on quality products, installations, and outstanding customer service. As we grow, an updated list of countries with details of Distributors will be available on the website over here. If your country is not listed, contact us directly for assistance.

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The Floppy Mission

We’re here to make a change

Our mission

Is to be a leader in the global development, innovation, manufacturing and distribution of unique world leading sprinkler technology.

Our purpose

Is to develop sprinkler technologies as a solution to solve water scarcity, environmental sustainability and food production.

Our slogan

Rain on Demand

Our vision

To be a world-leading sprinkler technology company contributing to a sustainable earth.

Our Values

Our core values are our commitment to act with integrity, honesty, respect, and accountability towards the environment, industries, competitors, agents, shareholders, employees, and customers. We believe in conducting our business with openness and loyalty towards all and to take a personal interest in promoting a sustainable environment.

Meet the team

In my opinion, these results [from the Floppy Sprinkler System] are almost enough facts to take to the bank. We as farmers have a problem and it is heat. If we can use this method to manage our risk then I do not see how I can not share this with other farmers.

Stiaan Duvenhage, Elardia Farm